Dava – Grip Tip – Yellow


Dava’s Grip Tip is the only pick with a patented overmolded rubber grip. Made from nylon.

Dava’s Grip Tip picks are a revolution in design. Utilizing patented over-molding technology and multi-gauge flexibility, musicians not only get a velvety fell and unparalleled grip, but also the ability to change pick gauge “on the fly.” Grip the tip for a hard gauge or release the flexible center section for a smooth rhythm feel.

Unlike ordinary picks, Dava picks have a flexible center section. This is placed right where you hold it. You control the flexibility by putting pressure either toward the tip or toward the back of the pick, or anywhere in between the two, giving you multi-gauge control

Being able to control pick gauge gives you unlimited options of flexibility, all in one pick. This is especially useful when you move between rhythm and lead. Adjusting your pick gauge while playing will add a lot of dynamic expression to your music.

Tractor grip refers to the ridges running across the middle of the picks on both sides. With tractor grip our picks stay exactly where you want them to—between your fingers.

Dava picks eliminate the need to worry about pick gauge. Because all Dava picks are multi-gauge, there’s every gauge you’d want in the one pick. Instead of reaching for a thin, medium, or hard pick, you can now just use a single pick and concentrate on your music, not your pick.

they won’t break under normal playing conditions, but just like any picks, if you overbend them you may lose some of the flexibility.

Not only are Dava picks easier to hold than other picks, they give beginners and professionals alike a much wider range of control over the music they play. You now have one pick that does exactly what you want it to, and this makes playing rhythm and lead much easier and smoother.


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